The top 10 list of Wedding Myths

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The top 10 list of Wedding Myths

Wedding Myths - fact or just fiction ?

Wedding myths for brides and groomsFor years now brides and grooms have followed wedding traditions believing that these ideas will bring them that little extra piece of luck or joy on their wedding day, but how many of these traditions are just wedding myths ?

Essex Wedding Services takes a look at the top 10 wedding myths and allows you to make up your own opinion of whether they are a necessary part of your wedding planning or not.

10. The bride and grooms parents must sit together in the front row, even if they can't stand the sight of one another.

Not all parental matrimony is perfect, why ask the mother of the bride to sit next to her ex-husband just because you think that it's appropriate for your wedding day. In an ideal world, parents could put their differences behind them for the sake of their child's wedding, however don't force them together just because of this wedding myth.

9. The bride's parents must pay for the wedding.

If the parents of the bride which to contribute to your wedding, then consider yourself very lucky indeed. However, the myth that the wedding must be paid in full by them is a little ridiculous, and unfair. Your parents will want the best for your wedding day, and want you to remember it for the rest of your life, but allow them to enjoy it too, don't expect them to break the bank and pay for it all.

8. Your flower girl must be under the age of 5.

Maybe it is true that small children make very cute additions to your wedding party, however they can also be disruptive and not actually enjoy themselves at all. If a child is important to either the bride or groom, then their age doesn't really matter when it comes to the role of a ring bearer or flower girl.

7. You can only ask your siblings to be part of the wedding party.

Although it's a nice custom to invite your brothers and sisters to play a role in your wedding, don't feel like your simply have to ask them just because of this myth. Best friends, old school friends or great buddies from your work can play a role if you'd prefer. Families are around forever, so try to avoid hurting feelings by asking one or two siblings to play a role in the wedding, or worse still, ask them all just because you feel you have to.

6. The bride has to be escorted down the aisle and given away by a male.

This is a tradition, but stating it has to happen is just another wedding myth. Firstly, there is no law stating the bride has to be escorted down the aisle, and there is certainly no law saying the she has to be given away by a male. The wedding tradition is that your father gives you away, but it's just a myth to suggest that your mother, or even a friend, or no one at all can't be there, it's personal choice.

5. A bride may only have one Maid of Honor or one Matron of Honor or Chief Bridesmaid.

Another wedding myth. You can have 2 or 3 or however many you feel happy with at your wedding, it's not a competition of who has what title or what honor at your wedding.

4. The number of ushers must equal the number of bridesmaids.

Why ? Who is counting exactly, and who really cares. Maybe the only pro for this wedding myth is that the wedding photos will look a little more even. Equal amounts of ushers and bridesmaids is not mandatory, this is your wedding day, choose whoever you want to be part of your wedding, all men, all ladies, all children if that is what you decide.

3. A bride can't ask her Mother to be a bridesmaid.

If you're lucky enough that your Mum is one of your best friends, then why shouldn't she not only be the mother-of-the-bride but a bridesmaid also ? How nice to have your father walk down the aisle with you, followed by your mother. This wedding myth should be dispelled immediately if you think it would make a nice twist to your wedding day. Grooms often ask their Dad to be best man don't they ?

2. An overweight bridesmaid will ruin the wedding photographs.

This is an awful wedding myth, and one that should be forgotten about from day one of the wedding planning. If your best friend, or niece is a little heavy, you still love them, so why should this fact change when you're getting married ? The honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid may be just the push they need to get into shape.

1. Only a virgin bride can wear a white wedding dress.

Has anyone followed this rule in decades ? No of course not. Perhaps if you're on your second marriage then a veil is perhaps a little over the top, but it's your wedding day, your wedding dress, and therefore don't let any age old wedding myth spoil your plans.

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