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Mother of the bride speeches

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Mother of the Bride Speech

When Kate was getting married, she wanted a wedding poem that was completely personal to her and her partner. She wanted a poem that was both unique and original yet personal to them. So, being a widely published author of children's books and novels the poet wrote something herself, and so The Wedding Poet was born.

Visit and start your journey towards a fantastic, unique and truly bespoke poem, speech or reading for your wedding.
Discuss with Kate what truly makes your relationship so wonderful and she'll work with you to create a wonderful wedding poem.
Below is an example of Kate's work, where the mother of the bride decided she wanted to make a unique speech at her daughter's wedding.

For mother of the bride speech ideas, and plenty of other personalised wedding poems, visit and find out what Kate can do for your special day.

Mother of the Bride Speech

Hello everybody. I'm Janet, the mother of the bride
I'm delighted that you all are here to share my joy and pride
I know that Jane and Mark want you all to have a good time
So to save you from a boring speech I'm doing mine in rhyme!
First of all a special thanks to those of you that had to pay
Extra on your invite postage to make it here today
We really do appreciate you giving that small amount
As it seems that with the Royal Mail - size does count!
Those of you that know Jane well, will know it’s been a year
And that we’re pretty lucky that the bride is even here!
As if a burst appendix and pneumonia weren’t enough
She pulled through to let us know she’s made of sterner stuff
And Mark of course was there for her then as well as now
He’d done ‘in sickness and in health’ before he said the vow
Mark’s been very good for Jane, calm to her stressed
And I think that in each other they bring out the best
They met on a holiday in a beautiful setting
Both of them adventurers good at go and getting
Mark dreams of being a hero, a wanna-be 007
Whereas diy-ing’s the thing that Jane thinks is heaven
Jane’s always busy, setting dates, getting on the ball
Whereas where, and when, and what time? Mark just can’t recall
Jane’s had her share of strife, with money, life and men
But nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a cup of tea or ten
Mark’s known as ‘Lightning’, not because he’s flash
But steady and methodical, whereas Jane’s a tad more rash
When trying to find a parking space Mark drives Jane round the bend
In his quest for the perfect spot that Jane feels may never end
They are balancing parts that work as a whole
Supporting and protecting soul to soul
With Henry the dog, family and friends
When you go to Jane and Mark’s the laughter never ends
Jane has made me very proud throughout her life
And she make’s me proud again today becoming Mark’s wife
We drove from Lancs to Yorkshire on the night of Jane’s birth
If she were a boy we knew she’d be the best cricketer on earth
As it was we got a girl and not a little boy
But since that day all she’s done has filled my heart with joy
Her Nana Clara also I’m sure is with us too
And feels the love that we feel as they start their life anew
Jane and Mark Powell, together joined as one
I feel I’m not losing a daughter, but gaining a son
So raise your glasses with me now to salute the happy pair
To Jane and Mark and the future that they’ll share
We wish you health and wealth and blessings from above
But most of all we wish you years of happiness and love
Now please enjoy the party, of which I’d make the most
Before an under-paid thank-you card plops through your post!

This was a mother-of-the-bride speech done in poem form.
Jane’s mum had been reluctant to speak but felt much more confident and comfortable about it when she had my poem to help.

For more details on Kate's work, visit or email her

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