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We’ve written a few articles about how the current credit crunch is affecting the planning of weddings, and we’ve looked at a few ideas when it comes to sticking to your wedding budget.

However, one topic we’ve not yet covered is whether or not brides would consider buying a second hand wedding dress ? Now, the initial thought by most brides is that the wedding dress may not be as special as a brand new one. Well we at Essex Wedding Services think we have found wedding dresses that are even more special then you could possibly imagine.

Charity wedding dresses not only offer a great way of getting married in your dream wedding dress, but with prices starting from £100 – they are a fantastic way of beating the credit crunch. On top of that, not all dresses sold at a charity shop are actually second hand, many are bought by the shop from suppliers who have excess stock, or donated from brides who didn’t quite make it to the alter and simply don’t want the reminder in their wardrobe any longer.

We caught up with Barry Davies, manager of St Francis Hospice charity shop, Special Moments, in Collier Row Essex, who specialise in wedding outfits.


“We once received hundreds of designer bridal gowns when a London based wedding shop went bankrupt” Said Barry. “We opened the shop in February 2002, and we focus mainly on wedding dresses, but we also have a large collection of bridesmaids dresses, along with outfits for the groom and the mother of the bride”

Special Moments is different from St Francis Hospice’s other charity shops as it has it’s own name and layout. “The shop is designed to make the customer feel like they have bought something special” continued Barry, “Our stock comes partially from other wedding shops end of range items, but we still do rely on the public to donate wedding dresses, especially in larger sizes. Our prices are affordable and range from £100 up to £400 depending on style, including the designer wedding dresses which we occasionally have”.

So if you have a wedding dress you’d like to donate to Special Moments, call them on 01708 741357. It’s a fantastic way to help a great local charity, and allow another bride to enjoy her wedding day too.

However, if you’re in the market for a wedding dress, and your budget is being knocked a little by the credit crunch (or even if it hasn’t!) get yourself down to Collier Row and speak to Special Moments about what they currently have in stock. It’ll leave you with not only a fantastic wedding dress, but also a fantastic feeling knowing that you’re helping a worthy cause.

Happy Wedding Planning !

2 Responses to Charity wedding dresses

  1. Tracy Kane says:

    Hi, I’m trying to track down a Suzanne Neville Laurent Perrier gown. I wondered if you had any?

    Tracy x

  2. admin says:

    Hi Tracey,

    If you look at Special Moments page here – you’ll find the details to contact them and find out what they have in stock – Good Luck.

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